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#1 Commercial Movers In CA (Office, Business & Equipment Moving Service)

Finding the right movers can take time and effort. Your search becomes even trickier when it comes to commercial moving. Moving a business or office can be even more stressful than a residential move. Contact us, Cali Moving And Storage today for the best commercial moving services near.

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Business & Equipment Relocation

When you’re prepping to move your office, the last thing you want to do is spend hours deciding which moving company to choose. Luckily for you, there’s no need to do that work. When looking for “commercial movers near me” – we are the ones you are looking for!

Let us move you and your office or business for the best move possible. Our excellent range of services is guaranteed to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Top-Notch Commercial Moving Service You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in the art of office relocation. And yes, we do mean art. It’s no simple job coordinating an office move. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the road.

Our over 6 years of experience in the moving business mean that we know our stuff. Any potential problem that could arise during a move? We’ve dealt with it a dozen times.

While your move is unique and will have its complications, we are well-prepared for anything it throws at us. No potential issue will catch us unawares.

We practice (and help to set) the industry’s best standards. Our team will ensure that your move goes off without a hitch.

Relocation of your company is a delicate balance between speed and precision. We know that you don’t have any time to waste when it comes to your move. Time is money, and both are of the essence.

Any delays in getting your office set up at the other end translate into money lost, and we won’t let that happen to you. We add buffer time into our schedules to ensure no unexpected delays cause problems.


Affordable & Professional Office Relocation Services

As professionals, we train our staff in all areas of moving. We want to eliminate moving stress.

How do we do it? Our professional team assist with all aspects of the moving process. We take care of the planning, packing, and actual moving. Our team will even do the unpacking at your destination.

This full-service package removes all the strain of a commercial move. It also lets us do the heavy lifting. You are free to focus on the running of your business rather than getting bogged down in moving details.

By working with the best office movers in CA, you are choosing a smooth and streamlined moving process that minimizes disruption to the functioning of your business.

Whatever support you need during your move, we’ll be able to provide it. We place great emphasis on training our teams in customer service in addition to moving practices.

The actual move is only part of the experience, and you want to know that you are working with well-mannered, professional movers.

Our teams are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and resolve any issues that pop up.

Stress-Free Office Moving Service

It often feels like moving, especially office moving, is inevitably a nightmare. But that isn’t the case when you work with Cali Moving And Storage.

The right moving company can transform moving from the most stressful experience into a simple process. You’ll know exactly what is happening and when your office will be ready to return to work as usual.

Experienced movers are absolutely essential. But we see ourselves as more than just movers. By partnering with us, we become a part of your business’s new venture.

We want to make the transition period as smooth as possible. Our professional move coordinators will work with you to design a complete moving plan that directly tackles any potential stress you might experience.

Once you meet with our team, you won’t have any doubts about making the right choice of moving company. We consistently inspire trust and confidence in everyone that we move.

You’ll know that your move is in the best possible hands, and we will continue to prove you right. Don’t take our word for it. Look at our excellent reviews and see why Cali Moving And Storage is the right commercial relocation partner for you.

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Most Reliable Office Relocation Movers Within Your Area

One of the major concerns when it comes to moving companies is how reliable they are. You need to be able to trust your moving company.

This applies to whether they can do what they say and if they stick to the agreed-upon timeframe, among other things.

Knowing the exact time frame of your move means you can plan around that without panicking about unexpected delays.

And this is part of the guarantee we make to you. When we put together your detailed quote, we’ll factor in all relevant aspects of your move.

This includes delicate technology, large equipment, and everything in between. Whatever you need to be moved, we’re on top of it. When we tell you something, we mean it.

Once we’ve established this trust, you can hand over a considerable part of the moving stress to us.

This stress reduction means you can focus on running your business or handling the downtime that comes from moving.

By trusting us with your move, you are allowing yourself to prioritize the important things that need to happen to keep things going smoothly. Hire us today and relocate your business easily!