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#1 Residential Movers In CA (Small/Large Moves, Apartments & Houses)

When it comes to finding residential movers, you need to know that you are working with the best. Moving house is incredibly stressful, and you need a moving company that minimizes that stress. And that is what we guarantee here at Cali Moving and Storage. We know there are a million moving companies for you to choose from, but we know that there is only one clear best choice.

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Smooth Residential Moving Service

Let’s break down our moving process to show why you should always choose us.

We are head and shoulders above our competition. Our mission is to get the actual moving done and make the moving process as simple and pain-free as possible.

Call us today and work with the best movers in the area!

Top-Notch Residential Moving Service You Can Trust

Residential moves can be an exciting time for your family and incredibly stressful.

We take all the hassle out of moving. Our full-service package includes everything from planning to unpacking on the other side.You’ll get to pick and choose which of our services best matches your needs.

Whatever is stressing you most about the moving process, we’ve got it covered.

We see ourselves as not just any old moving company but a partner on your new adventure.

This means we have built a comprehensive portfolio of services to ensure we can help with anything you need.

Our competitive pricing model is designed with both small and large moves in mind.

That means you won’t be paying house-sized prices for an apartment move.

The cost of your move will be directly related to the size of your move, the distance covered, and the number of crew members you need. We aren’t simply adding massive profit margins but working with you. That’s how we’ve kept our moving costs affordable for years!

Contact us today for a quick, easy quote, and experience the difference that a professional moving company can make.


Small Move, Large Move, Apartments & Houses - You Name It

Whatever your needs are, we are on hand to meet them and consistently go above and beyond.

And this includes the size of your move. Our years of experience in the field have prepared us for any move.

If you currently live in a tiny studio apartment, we’ve got the skills to get your furniture out of the apartment without a scratch, no matter how many tight corners there are.

Some moving companies refuse to take on small-scale moves, but we are not one of them. No matter how small your apartment is, we can help with your move.

And the same is true in reverse. If you are moving to a large household, we can do that. We have a range of trucks, so you only have to pay for the space you need.

With more significant moves, we bring in more team members so we can still get things done fast without compromising on quality.

While every move is a unique experience, our time in the industry has taught us exactly what to expect. We’re already two steps ahead of any potential problems.

Stress-Free & Professional: Our Promise!

Our teams are fully trained in all aspects of the moving process and are consummate professionals. This training means that you can trust us to do the heavy lifting, literally and figuratively.

When you move with us, you’re getting the smoothest, most streamlined move possible because we value your time and energy.

This means that you can take moving anxiety off your plate when it comes to your move. We’ll worry and deal with issues before you know they exist.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t maintain clear and constant communication throughout the moving process. You’ll never have to worry about not knowing where your belongings are at any stage of the move.

We strive to provide exceptional moving services at an affordable cost. At Cali Moving and Storage, everyone has the right to experience a hassle-free move.

And that starts with a thorough quote based on your precise needs. We will never throw in surprise costs because we’ve done our work and given you a transparent quote for your move.

Most Reliable Residential Movers Within Your Area

So many people have horror stories of moving companies who cancel at the last minute or send you a bill with added costs you weren’t expecting.

We want to be the antidote to that and to help transform the moving industry by becoming industry leaders and setting the standard for moving practices.

When we say we will do something, you can always trust that we will do what we said we would and on schedule. We know how easily delays can happen, so we build buffer time into our moving plans.

This means that delays don’t affect you or your schedule, and you can safely plan around us.

Because of our trustworthiness, you can have total peace of mind about all the parts of your move. This radically transforms the moving process from a nightmare into a sweet dream.

You might still struggle to believe how calm and stress-free the moving process can be, but that is why you need to call Cali Moving and Storage for your upcoming residential move.

Our promises hold whether you are moving between small apartments or palatial houses. We’re ready for anything, and we’re just a call away.

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